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          2022 Sock Challenge
Welcome to the 2022 Sock Challenge!  Fleeces To Pieces would love to see how many pairs of socks, slippers, leg warmers and Christmas Stockings we can make this year.  Here's how it works:
     *     Notify Fleeces To Pieces ( that you would like to participate.
     *     Buy your first sock yarn from Fleeces To Pieces.
     *     Turn in a picture of your completed socks.
     *     All future sock yarn for the challenge will be 10% off!
     *     The third Satureday of each month we will have a "Sock Party" at Fleeces To Pieces from 2:00 to 4:00 with cookies & tea.
     *     Complete 6 pairs of socks this year and you will earn a $10 Gift Certificate!
     *     Complete 12 pairs of socks this year and you will earn another $10 Gift Certificate.
     *     Magda Bonk will be teaching a knitted Toe Up Sock class in the spring and possibly also later in the year.

     *     3/28 - There are currently 10 participants in the challenge.
                      28 balls of sock yarn have been purchased for the challenge.
                      10 pairs of socks have been completed!