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Ocean Breeze Knit / Crochet Along 2021
Welcome to the Ocean Breeze Knit / Crochet Along!
This is the first KCAL being sponsored by Fleeces To Pieces.  On this page I will be sharing information, comments and pictures from participants.  It will be lots of fun and you can participate locally or remotely.  If you are local, please plan to come to the shop on Thursday afternoons to work together and see what everyone is working on!
Send a picture of your KCAL Yarn, WIP, or Finished Product. Please tell me the file name that you are submitting.
Completed Projects
Progress Updates
Discussion Thread:
Audrey: 9/3/2021:
A lot has happened since I posted an update!  I finished 2 projects and Camille has finished about 4!  I hope that many of the rest of you that are working on projects for the Ocean Breeze Knit/Crochet along will send in some pictures and share your experiences.  Several have submitted in progress pictures, but I have not seen the finished products.  I will stop posting updates at the end of September.  If I have missed some pictures/updates that you sent in, please let me know!

You will see on Camille's progress updates page, that she discovered some Pluscious yarn that I had in the shop that had several knots in it!  What a challenge to work through that. I had another customer that I sold some Universal Bamboo Pop Sock yarn to that also found breaks in the yarn.  If you find anything like that in the yarn you buy from me, you are welcome to bring it back so that I can notify the manufacturer and I will do my best to make it right for you.

While on my trip to Missouri I started a "travel project" called I Want That Poncho, and it is already finished.  I used some of my farm yarn.  This is an incredibly simple pattern, and the shawl/poncho looks great!  It is for sale in the shop for $70, but it is fun and easy, so you will probably want to make one for yourself!

Kathy J 08/19/2021:
I LOVE this cable jacket pattern. It's the first sweater pattern, and the first cable project that I used. I have since made it multiple times, and just completed one now. A neighbor described it as a 'hug with sleeves'. It is basically a shawl with sleeves and a back attached. Very little fitting is required. I do widen the shawl/cable section for someone a bit larger than a 14, and I lengthen the shawl/cable section [widen the back and lengthen the sleeves] for myself. With my broader shoulders I find I can feel the seam where the back is joined to the shawl without that lengthening. Thanks to Audrey for sourcing the luscious Juniper Moon Moonshine soft, works up like a dream. This is color #4.

Red Cable Bunting - You know those internet games/ puzzles that are supposed to help keep your brain exercised? Skip those and knit something like this instead! The pattern calls the two cable sections just left and right cables but each section has a right and left cable. So confusing! It starts out in the round, so the garter stitches up the front have to be done one row knit, one purl. After about 3 inches, it goes to flat knitting so now the garter is all knit [don't forget the button holes!]. Then there 's the seed stitch which of course is k1 p2/ reverse on the next round/ other side. Whew! All that said, it is a sweet pattern, and the challenge is good. Even ripping back isn't so bad when I think of this new grandchild, due mid December. Yarn is Berroco Vintage [washable!]. 

The poncho is complete! The new mom and dad came for a weekend so I was able to give it to her in person, before the weather turns cooler [please, soon!!].   Like most yarns with some kind of polyester/ acrylic in them, I noticed it was a bit scratchy while knitting, but once I washed it in Eucalan it softened right up. On to baby projects!

Audrey 08/04/21:
I have finished the Splash swimsuit cover-up.  I posted a picture on my progress page, but I would like to get a pic with my "model" in it for the final picture for this page.  Also, On the Painted Desert poncho, I have completed another section of fair isle and have just begun to shape the neck.  I had to switch my beginning of row from the fringe edge to the neck edge in order to continue to work the front and the back at the same time.  I will be working flat instead of in the round for the remainder of the poncho.  One thing I had not thought about was that the final fair isle section is on the top of the shoulder.  In the original pattern it continued from the front to the back.  Since I am knitting the front and the back at the same time, I will need to stitch the shoulder together in the middle of that fair isle section.  Fingers crossed!!

Audrey 07/23/21:
While I was away at Fiber U, I worked mostly on my Splash swimsuit cover-up.  I think I am going to give it to my son's girlfriend.  I am now about 1/2 done.  Check it out on my progress page. 

Janice C. 7/23/21:
A beautiful new baby boy just joined our family so I chose to make the "Sea Of Dreams" blanket to fit our knit along.  I am making it with Berroco Remix Light and it is turning out very soft and pretty.  I am currently about 1/3 complete with this project.  It will take 2 - 3 skeins of this DK weight yarn (432 yards each) depending on how large I decide to make it.

Gwenn L. 7/14/21:
About a quarter of the way through.  I am using Cascade's Aegean Tweed in the color Marine.  The pattern is from Enchanted by Kristina Smiley of Expression Fiber Arts.

Audrey  07/09/21:

So far we have 15 people who are participating in the Ocean Breeze KCAL.  Thank you so much!!  I know everyone is working away!  I have updated the progress pics I have received, but still waiting on you to share what you liked/ didn't like, surprises, etc.  If you have picked your yarn and/or pattern, but haven't started working yet, please send a pic and tell us about the project you plan to do.  I am actually starting project #4!  I have some Bamboo Pop Sock yarn that was returned to me because it had a break in it, so I am going to make a cute little beach cover-up with it. it is called the Splash Swimsuit Cover-Up by Nikol Lohr.  It is free on ravelry. Take a look at my progress updates.  According to the pattern, I should be able to make the whole thing with just 2 balls of yarn!

Kathy J. 06/24/21:
My stepdaughter & her husband are expecting their first child in early December. Since the weather in DC will be chilly before then, I decided to knit a poncho to keep both mom & baby warm. This Cool O Roonie pattern [Etsy $1.50] is super easy, a wonderful TV time project.

Kathy J. 06/24/21:

Submitted a picture of her WIP.

Audrey 06/17/21:
I started the Ecstacy Poncho just before the KCAL started.  I have been working on it for the last 2 or 3 weeks.  This Poncho was not challenging, and was easy to knit on while watching TV.  The Millefiori Cowl is being made from some of my shop yarn because it does not stay in the skein well when handled.  This is a "no pattern" project.  I started with 100 stitches and 1x1 rib on size 7 needles, then gradually increased to a 2 x 1 rib and went up to size 8 needles.  I will continue with these 150 stitches until the shawl reaches my elbows or I run out of yarn...whichever happens first!

Audrey 06/17/21:

I have just started knitting the Painted Desert poncho!  This will be my challenging project.  As I mentioned, I am modifying the pattern to knit in the round, then drop the stitches to be used for fringe.  It is worked from the bottom up beginning with the ribbed edge.  It changes colors every 2 rows, then some fair isle.  Can't wait to get this one moving!

Audrey 06/01/21:

I am super excited about this poncho. I have made it before using the strand knitting technique described in the pattern, Painted Desert by Carol Sunday. The pattern is written for a 4 color design & a 14 color design, and I am doing the 14 color method! When we did the Poncho KAL in Missouri, my 4th poncho was one that I created the pattern myself to get a similar shape as the Painted Desert using bulky yarn. I decided to knit in the round, and add a few stitches that I would drop when binding off, to use for the fringe. it turned out great, eliminated a lot of waste, and knitted up very quickly. I am going to use this technique on the Painted Desert pattern instead of the strand knitting technique. Lots of challenges on this one!

The majority of the yarn is sport weight yarn from my alpacas which is why this poncho will be extra special to me. Some are natural colors, one is dyed by me, some are from the Goddesses of the Sea colorway that Magda Bonk created for me (this will be the main body colors), and one has a bit of Rainbow sparkle in it. The remaining yarns are from my stash. I am using 3 of the 4 colors from a skein of Alpaculence #104 Camelian by Rozetti Yarns. This is for my contrast colors that will be used in the fair isle sections. It is fingering weight. What I really like for this poncho is that it contains just a bit of teal sparkle that will look great with the Goddess colors. The other 2 gold colors are Helen Hamann alpaca yarns, and the deep Teal is Schachenmayr Merino Extrafine 120.