Saturday, December 10th
10:00 am
Knitted Beaded Bracelet
Wednesday, December 14th
12:00 pm
MT-CSsquare 2212: Continuous Strand Weaving - Part 1 Square
Friday, December 16th
12:00 pm
MT-CStriangle 2212: Continuous Strand - Triangle and Piecing
Saturday, December 17th
12:00 pm
MT-Bkt 2212: Finger Knit Big Blanket
Sunday, December 25th
12:00 am
BK-Basic-1222: Beginning Knitting
Friday, December 30th
5:30 pm
BC2212: BC-Beginning Crochet
Saturday, December 31st
12:00 pm
etc-Illusion-1222: Illusion Knitting
5:30 pm
TC-Corner-22: Corner To Corner Crochet